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What is published here?

Documents published here have been generated using version 6.14.0 of EDISIM. EDISIM greatly helps to create documentation on Edifact messages by applying Edifact directory definitions in messages guidelines. It creates documents describing message structure and use of segments. That is what is published here.

Documents are available as HTML (view in web-browser) and rtf-file (view / print using a word processor). Do not edit these files directly. They have been auto-generated by EDISIM and any changes will be lost with a new generation. Of course your comments are highly appreciated by the working group. But textual changes need to be entered into EDISIM’s structures directly! (Currently Jost Müller is taking care of that.) Please send any comments, corrections, additions, etc. by e-mail to either of

The documents are not yet a complete message implementation guideline (MIG) as usally published on SMDG’s website, but they can be used for its core. Message-dependent introductory chapters, examples, etc. still need to be added to make it complete MIG.

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