EDI aspects of Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

SMDG Message Amendments

New codes in Edifact messages

BAPLIE amendments

attn BAPLIE 2.2.1 (published 160506)

For BAPLIE 3.1 see section BAPLIEv3.

It has been decided that no change of the MOVINS MIG will be made.

Container Message amendments

Updated versions of Versions 2.1.1 (D.00B) published 150925

attn download COARRIv2.1.1 MIG document

attn download CODECOv2.1.1 MIG document

attn download COPARNv2.1.1 MIG document

attn download COPRARv2.1.1 MIG document

Work in progress for Versions 1.x (D.95B)

attn status 150901 download COPARNv1.6 MIG document

New message VERMAS

An extra section VERMAS has been created.

External Documents

IMO guidelines

IMO MSC.1 Circ.1475 (9 June 2014) download document

UK MCA MGN 534 (M+F)- Guidance on the implementation of the SOLAS VI Regulation 2 amendment

marine guidance note

ICHCA Seminar on Container Weighing

attn Presentations from the ICHCA (International Cargo Handling Coordinate Association) Seminar on Container Weighing, 11. Sept. 2015 in London zipped folder of 10 presentations

Presentation MSC Le Navi

(Here MSC refers to Mediterranean Shipping Company.)

Stefano Ottonello has compiled a presentation about MSC’s view on EDI messaging in context of VGM. (These slides have not yet been presented in a subgroup meeting.) download document