VERMAS Version 1.0

Chair: Michael Schröder, mail: Michael.Schrö

Message purpose, content and use cases by Michael Schröder (status 150317) download draft

Presentation at Transport&Logistics Working Group

presentation 20150701

Message Structure

  • Powerpoint message structure overview

  • Data transmitted in business view data elements

  • Draft MIG version 1.0. It includes:

    • General description of VERMAS including message scope, functional definition, field of application and principles
    • A brief informal introduction to the message structure and how its elements are meant to be used
    • The formal message definition as generated by Edisim
    • Some notes about transmission of signatures
    • An extensive description of different use cases with according examples

    download VERMAS MIGv1.0 approach 5

attn status 20160621

For related SMDG code list VGM see here

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