Maximum Utilization & Safety - Efficient Bay-Plan Checking

The OnBoard-Interface (C3-Obi) for marine data software is specially designed for on-board usage. As a sister of Capstan4, it provides all of its key features, tailored for easy handling in day-to-day on-board usage. Features include all calculations, including visibility line and lashing forces and various interfaces for online tank updates.

.Transparent EDI & Import Handling

For easy data import, a great number of file formats and EDI messages are supported, including BAPLIE, IFTDGN and TANSTA. In case special formats are requested, we offer quick extensions at competitive rates.

With the "merge" functionality of C3 Obi, you are always master of the situation. Prior to import of bay-plans from terminal, the file data will be compared graphically with the current bay-plan on board. In case of differences C3 Obi specifies details, for example about diverging cargo quantities. It leads you through a data correction process. Optionally transit cargo can be excluded. All through this time, the on board information keeps untouched up to your final decision to accept or refuse terminal bay-plan data.

Possibility to update the (very basic) terminal DG information by extended FIS-DG info or IFTDGN files provided by central planner/booking system etc. This additional information enhances the quality and awareness of DG checks/risk management on board.

.Comfortable Bay-Plan Evaluation

Considering situations from various perspectives helps keeping the situation awareness on an excellent level. So you can switch among multiple bay-views visualizing twin-bays, all bays or multiple bays in relation to another. The filter functions in lists facilitate your search for cargo units in day-to-day routine.

.Extensive Check-Module

C3 Obi includes fully fledged DG Segregation and Integrity Checks based upon UN-Numbers according to the latest IMDG Code. Tests applying 'Stowage & Bay-Plan' (e.g. Document of Compliance conflicts) and 'Cargo & Stack Integrity' (e.g. stack weight/height limits) complete the safety assessment of the situation.

Easy Control & Flexibility - Assistance in Onboard-Routine

.Calculations assure high-level Control

C3 Obi calculations include the continuous validation of stability, strength and other parameters (approved by classification societies) as well as lashing forces and visibility line requirements (IMO, SOLAS, Panama). The Draft-Survey of C3 Obi helps to assess differences in real and calculated draft.

.Online Tank-Updates

At the touch of a button, C3 Obi enables to load up-to-date tank states from the vessel's level-gauging system into the file. It is easy to export tank states in standard and proprietary formats, including MODBUS.

.Fuel Saving Indication

The Report-Module of C3 Obi provides predefined and user customizable reports, coping with authority rules (e.g. Panama Canal) or daily needs on board. You can use Pivot tables with various grouping options (POL, POD, cargo size etc.) as well as bay-plan or cargo lists, e.g. of DG or reefer cargo (temperature control). The lists can be configured by customizable filters and printed/exported into other programs.

.Flexible Documents for OnBoard-Management

Intuitive graphics of fuel saving depending upon displacement and trim are displayed in the ballasting picture. Immediate response of fuel savings when ballasting/preplanning ballast! Displayed are actual trim, trim-range, volume and MCR in %. Calculations are based on e.g. FutureShip ECO-Assistant.

For easy integration into the office environment C3 Obi is available for both server based and stand-alone installations for Windows and Linux systems. The program is a sister of Capstan4, our first-class stowage preplanning system. All key features are tailored for easy handling in day-to-day on board usage.